Dr. Jarglas - pharmacy elixirs & pars chocolates


Before we worked together, Christina Jargla and I met regularly at various food events. Always on my mind, but initially not so interested in alcohol for our pralines, I came back to it when I first thought about the topic of durability in 2019.

Before that, it wasn't very important to me, because I never liked to restrict myself with durability. So many wonderful tasting things wouldn't be able to make anymore! There are praliné editions that last 3 days and there are editions that stay great for 2 weeks (depending on the edition and what ingredients are being used). When KaDeWe (department store in West-Berlin) started to get interested in the chocolates, I wondered to what extent I could combine taste and a certain shelf life for a few editions. Since I don't use any preserving additives or high amounts of sugar, another option was to use  alcohol. I could never really enjoy chocolates with too intense notes of alcohol, I always had to think of the classic "Marc de Champagne" praline with white chocolate, just not my thing.

But certain alcoholic drinks in particularly fine quality to flavor a certain filling suddenly no longer seemed so strange to me. I reminded Dr. Jarglas and her pure pharmacy elixirs and decided to do some taste experiments.

In our pars Edition No.5 - Darkbitter & Sprucetips we currently have the Artichoke elixier from Dr. Jarglas and the Maca Ginseng elixir is in testing right now. The pars Edition No.5 - Darkbitter & Sprucetips is currently available in our pars Edition Exklusiv gift box together with the pars Edition No.9 - Aromatische Walnuss.


About Dr. Jar glass artichoke elixir:

A powerful, finely balanced digestif based on regional artichokes. With exquisite bitter herbs, roots and flowers etc. Gentian root, centaury, cardamom, ginger root, nutmeg, citron root, chinese bark, bitter orange peel, juniper berries, camphor, lavender, cinnamon bark, citronell, valerian root, angelica root, cloves, galangal root stick and a hint of saffron.

The Jagla family of pharmacists has refined a 15th century prescription for monastery pharmacies for decades. The Pharmacopoea Germanica (the old German pharmacopoeia) is still used as the basis for individual manufacturing steps.

Maceration by hand, in small quantities
Certified herbal quality (high purity and content)
Slow ripening over several months