We are a small team radically committed to the quality and sustainability of patisserie.

We are constantly creating new taste compositions based on the naturalness of the ingredients and the season, and which stand for pure, intense enjoyment.

All our products are freshly made to order by hand. The pralines usually keep for 2 - 4 weeks, the nuts for 2 - 5 months. We do without preservatives, industrially produced ingredients and gluten.

Some products are vegan. We use sugar sparingly to preserve the original flavours.

The result: a true pleasure experience full of surprises with complex levels.


regional-pars-pralinen-schokolade-geschenk-vegan-genuss-michelin- Kopie


Kristiane Kegelmann's (* 1990 in Munich, Germany) path initially begins as a pâtissière, where she worked in a managerial position in the traditional Viennese Zuckerbäckerei DEMEL and later completed a master's degree. Along with years of fine art practices with a focus on sculpture, she has been producing these one-of-a-kind chocolate pralines from 2016. The artisan has always explored the world with her hands and now creates a unique experience where taste, craftsmanship and design merge together. The forms of the pars praline accentuate its uniqueness, Kristiane Kegelmann implements her artisan values and sensible palettes of taste through curated flavours with various fillings. The sustainable, seasonal and regional ingredients were carefully chosen to cultivate taste compositions that are genuine and intriguing --- a truthful reflection of the components‘ integrity.