pars Pralinen SHOWROOM


pars Showroom Eröffnung Pralinen und Geschenke


pars Pralinen opens her pars SHOWROOM on December, 10th 2020

Berlin, December 2020: The small chocolate manufacturer pars Pralinen by Kristiane Kegelmann opens her pars showroom at Schönleinstr. 6, 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg.

Opening hours Thurs - Sat 13-20 h

p a r s    S H O W R O M

pars showroom will be a store where our guests can pick up their orders, browse through our store and get to know our working process and ingredients, as well as - after the lockdown - enjoy a glass of wine or freshly brewed filter coffee next to special culinary treats. pars Pralinen stands for enjoyment, sustainability & appreciation, handcrafted production and artistic design.

With our pars SHOWROOM we create a place that simultaneously provides an insight into our praline production and where you can taste and view the pralines and our products. Individual and online orders can be collected from our showroom. There will be a selection of our praline editions every week, which can also be taken away spontaneously. In addition to our assortment, we also offer products that are related to us or our pralines, e.g. as a special ingredient of a praline edition.

As a Christmas cooperation 2020 you can also buy two selected pieces of the Graph collection of Schoemig Porzellan in combination with our chocolates.

HERE  you can purchase the unique sets.

Claudia Schoemig's works are characterized by a deep feeling for the special materiality of porcelain. The appearance of her pieces is clear and reduced, at the same time they radiate a great sensuality. That fits well with us! Our products combine expressive shapes, elaborately composed aromas, pure and fresh ingredients.

After the Lockdown (probably early 2021) our guests are invited to stay outside or inside, drink enjoy their drinks and special treats with friends. There is always a selection of our freshly made pars chocolates available on site, as well as the popular broken chocolate and the new pars creme nougat. Also our pure Nutpaste Nussmus and nutpaste Nussmus chocolate will be permanently available. In 2021 we are looking forward to create more of our special handmade pars delicacies, which you will be able to enjoy at our Store. Our guests can also enjoy a cheese platter, put together with cheeses of Alte Milch, with home-made sourdough crackers and Micha Schäfer's onion chutney or simply a bread from Albatross with our chocolate Nussmus spread. There will also be: Vervain tea from the Nobelhart & Schmutzig and blackberry tea from Otto. Roasted  hazelnuts. Selected wines from Viniculture, always with a matching praline. Baked apple. Nut paste on winter fruits with Erdhof cream. Potato soup from Nobelhart & Schmutzig. Lentil stew from Restaurant Otto. Let yourself be enchanted by simple little things of the finest quality.

For the time being, however, you can buy our own creations and additional products as well as wine and have a look at our production from the showroom opening on December 10, 2020.

And which products of our partners will be available for purchase?

Porcelain from Schoemig Porzellan. Elixirs by Dr.Jaglas, Wermuth by Ferdinand Probst, Wermuth and Whisky by Freimeister Kollektiv - all fantastic alcohols used in some of our chocolates.
Verjus from Avaa, wine from Viniculture, Ernst coffee.

And what else?

The small art space The Window of Modern Art forms the bridge between outside and inside, between sidewalk and showroom. There, contemporary art is shown in changing exhibitions, accessible for everyone who strolls by.

In our showroom, works by contemporary artists will be shown in changing presentations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you - despite Corona and the accompanying measures.