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The gentle yet typical taste of walnuts is combined with a hint of 80% dark chocolate and white mountain hay milk chocolate. Entirely Handmade for sensual indulgence.

A dark truffle with the special notes of the spruce tips as well as intense herbs of the Dr.Jarglas`Artischocken-Elixier and 75% chocolate from Felchlin. A deep dark chocolate treat for the lover. Give beautifully and sustainably - as a give away, birthday or customer gift.

Walnuts by Vivian Böllerden, 80% couverture by Holger Intveld (1/4 Ecuador, 3/4 Panama; cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar), white mountain hay milk chocolate by Felchlin (cocoa butter, mountain hay milk powder, sugar), Cream from Erdhof Seewalde *, Vermouth (Ferdinand Probst) , Salt *, plantbased food coloring

Dark chocolate  - Sao Palme 75% (cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar), oats *, water, spruce tips from wild collection, spruce oil *, Artichoke-Elixier (Dr. Jarglas), cocoa butter *, salt, glucose, butter *, natural food coloring *

*organic farming

May contain traces of other nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Suitable for immediate consumption. Best before 14 days. Store cool and dry, 12 - 17 ° C.