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pars shows its cool side | Finest chocolate - as ice-cold pleasure

pars Edition No.25 | Iced Elderblossom: the refreshing mildness. New elderberry blossom harvest, balanced by the acidity of Verjus.

pars Edition No.55 | Wild Iced Cherry: the elegant red. Wild cherries, their blossoms and sour cherry brandy. Combined with the fruity dark chocolate (80%) of Simeon Rückert.

Freshly handmade by our team, you can freeze the chocolates yourself (up to 2 months). For a particularly creamy taste experience, you can let the iced chocolates thaw for 2-3 minutes at room temperature just before eating.

Ingredients No.25: 80% couverture (Simeon Rückert cc/104, Berlin; beans India), wild collected elderflowers (Grete Peschken, Mecklenburg), cream (Erdhof Seewalde Mecklenburg), verjus (Weingut Regnery, Rheinland Pfalz), white mountain hay milk chocolate (Felchlin, Switzerland), butter (Siebengiebelhof, Mecklenburg), salt, vegetable food coloring

Ingredients No.55: 80% couverture (Simeon Rückert, Berlin; beans India), wild cherries & cream (Erdhof Seewalde, Meckleneburg), white mountain hay milk chocolate (Felchlin, Switzerland), butter (Siebengiebelhof, Mecklenburg), sour cherry brandy (Räch, 40% alc.), salt, vegetable food coloring

pars chocolate edition No.55 contains alcohol and both editions may contain traces of other nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Suitable for immediate consumption. Shelf life minimum 60 days. Store packed in the freezer at - 18 ° C.

One praline (No.25) weighs about 10 g. Nutritional values per 100 g: 587,6 kcal / 2456,17 kj / 22,2 g carbohydrates / 10,1 g protein / 50,3 g fat

One praline (No.55) weighs about 10 g. Nutritional values per 100 g: 515,9 kcal / 2161,62 kj / 19 g carbohydrates / 8,4 g protein / 44,4 g fat

Price per 100g: 4 Chocolates | 42,25 € || 8 Chocolates | 41,13 € || 16 Chocolates | 40,56 € || 20 Chocolates | 39,95 €