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pars shows her crisp side

The intense crispness. Its contents filled with intensive freshly harvested and dried dill blossoms from Mecklenburg, covered by velvety couverture from the Berlin chocolatier Holger In't Veld.

With your order, you will receive four, eight or sixteen (please choose) lovingly hand-made and elegantly packaged chocolates of the pars Edition No.37 in a colourful banderole.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate by Holger In't Veld - 80% Grand Cru from Guatemala (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar), dill blossoms from Schnelles Grünzeug (Mecklenburg), German sugar, natural food colouring

This praline is vegan and alcohol-free and may contain traces of nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Intended for immediate enjoyment. Best before 28 days. Store in a cool, dry place, 12 - 17°C.

A praline weighs approx. 10 g. Nutritional values per 100 g: 515,9 kcal / 2161,62 kj / 19 g carbohydrate / 8,4 g protein / 44,4 g fat

Price per 100 g: 4 Chocolates | 49,75 € || 8 Chocolates | 43,63 € || 16 Chocolates | 37,44 €