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A mixed box of our  amazing iced pralinés offers the taste of all our varieties.

When ordering, you will receive a Set of 8 handmade iced pralinés – a mixed set with the different flavours:

pars Edition No.25 / Iced Elderblossom

pars Edition No.13 / Wild iced Woodruff

pars Edition No.55 / Wild iced Cherry

pars Edition No.66 / Iced Maca-Ginseng

pars Edition No.83 / Iced Buckwheat Vermouth

You can find the ingredients and allergy information on the individual product pages.

This pars praline edition can contain traces of other nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Suitable for immediate consumption. Best before 28 days. Store packaged in freezer at - 18 ° C.