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pars shows its fragrant side

The gentle aromatic. Wild hops and lavender meet and then fused with a aromatic chocolate by Simeon Rückert.

With your order, you will receive four, eight or sixteen (please choose) lovingly hand-made and elegantly packaged chocolates of pars Edition No.8 chocolates in a noble banderole.

Ingredients: Wild collected hops from Brandenburg, lavender from Grete Peschken (Mecklenburg), 80% couverture (Holger In't Veld, Berlin; beans Panama), white mountain hay milk chocolate (Felchlin, Switzerland), cream from Erdhof Seewalde (Mecklenburg), butter from Siebengiebelhof (Mecklenburg), Ferdinand Probst Wermuth (17% alc.), natural food colouring, oats, salt

This praline contains alcohol and may contain traces of nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Intended for immediate enjoyment. Best before 14 days. Store in a cool, dry place 12 - 17°C.

A praline weighs approx. 10 g. Nutritional values per 100 g: 522.9 kcal / 2190.95 kj / 22.9 g carbohydrates / 8.9 g protein / 44 g fat

Price per 100 g: 4 Chocolates | 49,75 € || 9 Chocolates | 43,63 € || 16 Chocolates | 37,44 €

Pralinen zum Verschenken zum Geburtstag oder Weihnachten.