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When ordering, you will receive 4 handmade, individually wrapped chocolates of the pars Edition No.1 in a colorful banderole. The taste of roasted hazelnuts is complemented by soft dark chocolate and a pinch of salt. A warm, soft praline that overtakes the classic taste of sweet nougat by far. pars Edition No.1 is available as a set of 4.

Our award-winning best-selling praline pars Edition No.1 Salted hazelnut is a real taste pleasure and, like each of our editions, unique and beautiful.

This vegan praline contains only a few ingredients that result in an intense and pure work of art. A wafer-thin crunchy shell of 64% Java Grand Cru couverture from Indonesia holds the delicious filling consisting of pure southern German hazelnuts, the same couverture of the hollow body and salt.

Dark chocolate from Felchlin - Java 64% Grand Cru from Indonesia (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar), hazelnuts * from Martin Stimmer, salt, vegetable food coloring

*organic farming

This pars praline edition can contain traces of other nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Suitable for immediate consumption. Best before 28 days. Store cool and dry, 12 - 17 ° C.

One praline weighs about 10 g.
Nutritional values per 100 g: 608.4 kcal2521 kj / 27.8 carbohydrates / 10.9 g protein / 49 g fat


pars Edition No.1 / Salted Hazelnut / 4 St.