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The intense summer taste of elderflower is processed together with verjus and white mountain hay  milk chocolate and has a delicious balance between sweetness and acidity. The pars Edition No.25 Wild Elderblossom leaves refreshing joy for those who enjoy it. Delicious art for sensual indulgence.
The taste of roasted hazelnuts is complemented by soft dark chocolate and a pinch of salt. A warm, soft praline that overtakes the classic taste of sweet nougat by far. Our award-winning best-selling praline pars Edition No.1 Salted Hazelnut is a real taste pleasure and, like each of our editions, unique and beautiful. Give beautifully and sustainably - as a give away, birthday or customer gift.

No. 25 - Wild Elderblossom

Wild elder from the Uckermark, white Opus Blanc mountain hay milk chocolate (cocoa butter, mountain hay milk powder, sugar) - Felchlin, Switzerland, oats * (gf) - Bohlsender Mühle, Verjus - Weingut Regnery, salt *, vegetable food coloring

No. 1 - Salted Hazelnut
Dark chocolate coating from Felchlin - Java 64% Grand Cru from Indonesia (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar), hazelnuts * from Martin Stimmer, salt, vegetable food coloring

*organic farming

This pars praline edition can contain traces of other nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products. Suitable for immediate consumption. Best before 20 days. Store cool and dry, 12 - 17 ° C.