art Biesenthal und pars Pralinen mit Kristiane Kegelmann

Culinary accompaniment from ART Biesenthal

July & August 2021

Together with Nicolas Wenz from Natures Calling and Faradai Spirit, we provided culinary support for the exhibition 'Shapes of Comfort' in the Wehrmühle Biesenthal.

We were on site all day for four weekends from Friday to Sunday and offered various natural wines, savory dishes and of course our chocolates. The focaccia from Sironi Bakery and the oysters from Fishklub, as well as our iced chocolate, were a hit.

Art Biesenthal and pars

pars Pralines and Nature's Calling at Art Biesenthal

Our chocolates are made by hand every day in Berlin. Each of our ingredients is picked and processed by us or obtained in collaboration with the most uncompromising pioneers of regional & sustainable food production.