pars Pralinen als Dessert für Events

Chocolates as dessert

A pars praline can be many things. A small gift, served on a tray to mark the start of a festive occasion. A petit four arranged on elegant plates. Or a dessert praline: large, eye-catching and with an airy, intense filling.

It is always a highlight.

In collaboration with you, we will develop a concept that suits your event.

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pars Pralinen für Julia Stoschek Collection

Julia Stoschek Collection

For a dinner performance by the Brazilian artist Caique Tizzi in the Julia Stoschek Collection, we filled liquid chocolate, creamy ice cream and iced Granité crystals and crispy chocolate marbles into wafer-thin chocolate bodies. The objects were cracked open with a hammer and guests were able to taste the different aromatic consistencies.

pars Pralinen im Haus der Kunst

House of Art

At the annual summer gala in Munich's Haus der Kunst, we served our chocolates to guests as a sensual dessert. Surprisingly filled with crackling wild woodruff and delicate crème patisserie with aromas of smoked hay.

pars Pralinen als Dessert bei Bulgari & Porsche

Bulgari & Porsche

At Porsche and Bulgari events, we presented guests with our ice cream pralines as a flying dessert. This meant that each guest could try different flavor combinations. From fruity wild iced cherry to iced creamy buckwheat cream

Our chocolates are made by hand every day in Berlin. Each of our ingredients is picked and processed by us or obtained in collaboration with the most uncompromising pioneers of regional & sustainable food production.