Team pars arbeitet gemeinsam an allen projekten

The team

pars is a lively team of permanent and freelance employees. We see work as teamwork on equal terms and enjoy creating new things together. Everyone can and should contribute their strengths in their own way. We believe this collaborative approach is what brings pars to life.

We look forward to your inquiries and applications!

Kristiane Kegelmann ist die Inhaberin von pars Pralinen

Kristiane Kegelmann

Kristiane is our owner, master pastry chef and visual artist.

Together with the team, she works on the further development of the restaurant and always new praline compositions and projects.

Alina Jakobsmeier ist die Küchenchefin und Chef Patissiére bei pars Pralinen

Alina Jakobsmeier

Alina is our head chef in the restaurant and also a master pastry chef.

She designs our subtle menu as well as continually new recipes for our chocolates.

Florian Zeißig ist Koch im Restaurant pars.

Florian Zeißig

Florian is a chef at pars and works alongside Alina every day on the perfect craftsmanship of our fresh ingredients.

Zane Aradine entwickelt den verkauf der Pralinen bei pars weiter.

Zanê Aradine

Zanê welcomes you to pars during the day and lovingly explains the contents of our chocolates to you. She is involved in the further development of the marketing of the chocolates.

Ali Ramdane Bey ist als Steward im pars tätig

Ali Ramdane Bey

Ali works as a steward at the pars restaurant and supports the kitchen in producing mis en place.

Lara Krauss

Lara produces our praline editions by hand. Polishing, spraying, painting, pouring, filling, closing, tapping, finishing. The focus is on the direct processing of high-quality, often regional ingredients, craftsmanship and subtle finishing.

Photography & Film | Pujan Shakupa

Graphic Design & Packaging | Felix Weppen

Text | Lorraine Haist

Programming | Vincent

Press inquiries

Our chocolates are made by hand every day in Berlin. Each of our ingredients is picked and processed by us or obtained in collaboration with the most uncompromising pioneers of regional & sustainable food production.