pars pralinen arbeitet eng mit Landwirten und Produzenten zusammen

Our partners

We cooperate with people who share our values. This creates incomparable food. Through close collaboration with our partners, we better understand processes and the raw materials obtained from them. We get to know them as a whole and constantly learn new things. These impulses enable us to produce creative and extraordinary products.

regionale Zutaten vom Bauernhof

small & close

We source our ingredients from small, sustainably working manufacturers and farmers with quality standards that are close to ours.

Wilde Fichtenspitzen für intensive Schokolade von pars

Fine & fair

Wherever possible, we work with products from the Berlin area. If there is no other option, as with chocolate, the ingredients come exclusively from conscious manufacturers who operate fairly and sustainably.


Kuvertüre von Holger in't Veld für pars pralinen

Holger in't Veld – couverture

Holger works with reduction. He deliberately processes cocoa beans in small quantities. He roasts, peels and crushes the beans and produces the chocolate in particularly small and carefully operated mélangeurs, special machines for fine-rolling the cocoa bean into creamy chocolate in order to consciously control the oxygen supply during the mixing process. He cannot produce large quantities, but he maintains control over how much acid, fruit and other characteristics remain in the chocolate. As a result, he manages like no other in his field to preserve the characteristic aromas of each individual type of cocoa bean in the chocolate.

This creates couvertures with an unforgettable fullness of taste.

nachhaltige Zutaten für Schokolade und Pralinen von pars

Erdhof Seewalde – dairy products, eggs

David and Viola Peacock manage the Erdhof Seewalde in a natural way with energy-conscious agriculture in order to support and complement the cultural landscape, the flora and fauna of the Mecklenburg Lake District in their cycles and diversity. The heart of Erdhof Seewalde is a herd of the old Angler Rotvieh cattle breed, which is threatened with extinction. They deliver delicious, high-fat milk, the taste of which is also influenced by the wild pastures in summer and their own hay in winter.

Honig von Uli Beckmann für pars pralinen

Uli Beckmann – honey, wax & propolis

Ulli Beckmann's honey is only taken from the honeycombs once the bees have had twice as much of it as they need. This means the honey has three years to mature and develop its full aroma.

pars pralinen Zutaten Milch von glücklichen Kühen

Siebengiebelhof – Butter

Ve-Annissa Spindler's Demeter farm in Drenkow, Mecklenburg, only processes raw milk from its own production. The young farmer and her team are striving for a circular economy. The butter we get from Siebengiebelhof is made from milk from horned cows that graze in idyllic wildflower meadows. The farm also grows all other feed for the animals itself according to biodynamic principles. As with us, all products are made without artificial additives.

Frisches Gemüse und Früchte aus der berliner Region

Grete Peschken – Fruits & Vegetables

Margarete Peschken's organic gardening includes growing seeds and vegetables, sheep, chickens and horses. The preservation of old varieties and a rural and sustainable production method is a particular concern of the gardening business. The farm functions as a whole, everything complements each other, which means there is no need to purchase fertilizer. Animals fertilize the soil and are involved as workers. Machines are used as little as possible. Handcraft is the focus.

Wildkräuter von Olaf Schnelle für pars Pralinen

Quick greens – wild herbs

Schnelles Grünzeug is a vegetable garden in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, run by Olaf Schnelle. Fresh wild herbs, edible flowers, rare herbs, ancient vegetables and wild fruit grow there according to the ideas of permaculture and regenerative agriculture.


frische Zutaten für pars Pralinen und Schokolade

Walnuts - Vivian Böllersen

Vivian Böllersen founded her first agricultural business in April 2015. Today there are 200 walnut trees with more than 30 different varieties on 4.5 hectares of grassland near Berlin. An idyllic walnut grove in the middle of the Velten lynx meadows.

Frische Beeren vom Bauernhof Weggun

Berries - Weggun Farm

Marjolein and Frank van der Hulst live and work with their six children in the Uckermark. The focus is almost four hectares of soft fruit, including raspberries, blackberries, black and red currants, red and green gooseberries, strawberries and rhubarb.

Cheese - Old Milk

Poppy and other seeds - FLÄMINGER GENUSSLAND

Buckwheat, oats and seeds - BOHLSENER MÜHLE

Apothecary Elixirs - DR. JAGLAS



Fruit brandies - REVENGE

Verjuice - Organic Food Studio

Our chocolates are made by hand every day in Berlin. Each of our ingredients is picked and processed by us or obtained in collaboration with the most uncompromising pioneers of regional & sustainable food production.