Das pars Restaurant - aus Architektensicht

The pars restaurant - from the architect's perspective

A small Berlin coffee house, the traditional Café Savigny, is being converted into a restaurant, a kitchen, a praline factory, a shop, a meeting place, a café. To Pars.

The spatial design should reflect the ideal and aesthetic demands of Pars and its founder Kristiane Kegelmann and give them space and a stage. The focus is on operations and production; in an open kitchen, multifunctional surfaces combine cooking, serving, eating, drinking, seeing and consuming.

The spatial arrangement and use of the inventory was reorganized and sensitively opened up. The renovation creates a central support that connects all rooms with each other and, clad in mirrors, stages the new fusion of production, enjoyment and conviviality. Nooks and crannies in the existing old building structure create space for precisely fitted shelves and storage areas.

The focus of the two guest rooms is the classic motif of the table, which is broken up by a subtle slant and thus enables different seating configurations. The tables are structured and accompanied by precise beams of light.

Well-known, reduced materials are placed in a different context and emphasize Pars' down-to-earth attitude and the joy of improvisation and experimentation: soft linoleum and waxy plastic on stainless steel, rough plaster next to small, restored end-grain wood floors. Contrasts are deliberately played with, natural meets artificial, tactile meets hard and well-known meets progressive. The functionality is shown transparently, structural elements such as light installations remain visible, and side rooms are only separated by translucent elements.

As a relic from the premises of Café Savigny, relief-like plaster molds are exhibited on the walls of the guest rooms; in other areas of the restaurant, artistic works refer to the place's past and its present.


The spatial design of the restaurant was planned collaboratively by the architectural offices DMtk (Vienna) and Some Place Studio (Berlin) . The lighting design was implemented in cooperation with As A Ceremony (Berlin) .

DMtk Team: Daniela Mehlich, Teresa Klestorfer
Some Place Studio Team: Bika Rebek, Cameron Lintott, Juliane Röthig
As A Ceremony: Antonia Insunza

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