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Limo Omani & Almond N° 10

Unlike the fresh lemons from Sicily Persian limes are used dried. We don't need the juice, but the aromatics of the peel. As in Persian stews, we cook the limes for a long time and an intense essence is created, which we combine with almonds and chocolate.

Delicious flavors from a distant world, a gift from our family in Iran. Persian lime – refreshingly citrusy, warm, earthy and inviting. Boiled for a long time to form an essence and combined with our winemaker Sonia's Sicilian almonds, their intense aroma melts into new memories. Earthy - citrusy - inviting.

At least 14 days shelf life. Store in a cool and dry place, 12 - 17°C.

Milchschokolade Handgemacht handgeschöpft Berlin

Tanzania bean - yellow fruits, mango, south. The special aromas of this cocoa bean emphasize the bright, fruity notes of the praline filling. Fairly grown, traded, stored and finally processed into intense chocolate.

All ingredients

Vivian Böllersen's Walnüsse
Holger In’t Veld’s Kuvertüre, Kakaoanteil 80% (Kakaomasse, Kakaobutter, Zucker)
persische Limo-Omani
Felchlin weiße Bergheumilchschokolade (Schweiz)
Erdhof Seewalde Sahne
Siebengiebelhof Butter
Freimeister Kollektiv Wermuth (17% Vol.)
natürliche Lebensmittelfarbe
Luisenhaller Salz

Product nutritional values ​​per 100g

(a praline weighs approx. 10g)
– davon Zucker
– davon gesättigte Fettsäuren

Our chocolates are made by hand every day in Berlin. Each of our ingredients is picked and processed by us or obtained in collaboration with the most uncompromising pioneers of regional & sustainable food production.